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Since I have taken A Wolf's Paradise offline in hopes of it going into publication, I will be changing the scope of my blog.

I am now going to try and provide a forum if you will, for all things writing. Friends that would like to throw out short-stories, interviews, reviews, etc, etc.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Great Book!

  So I'm two-thirds of the way through "Darkness On The Edge of Town" by Brian Keene, and I'm loving it. How come I haven't read this guys stuff before now? Darkness, sucks you in right from the get go with regular Joe characters who are prisoners in their own town just trying to survive the endless night. Everything beyond the borders of their town is gone, it has been replaced by a darkness, and not just any darkness, this one seems to have some sort of consciousness and it's evil...

  Many of the towns residents have gone missing after trying to leave town through the darkness, witnesses claimed to have heard their screams just after entering the cold black, the darkness has also affected residents of Walden, making normal everyday people do things that they never would have dreamed of doing before.

  If you're looking to spend a few hours with a great read, check out "Darkness On The Edge of Town" by Brian Keene, you won't be disappointed.

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