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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter Two, Part Three

  “Seems we got us a beast of a wolf out there for a stroll on Main Street, and if I were a betting man, which I’m not.” The sheriff said, grinning lopsidedly at Joey. “I would have to say that the beasty’s not in the right frame of mind.” At that he lazily twirled his finger around his right ear. “So we’re going to do him a great big favor son, and send him all the way back to baby Jesus.”

  “Um, Sheriff.” Billy wheezed, “About how big did Mrs. Browerton say this thing is?”

  It was well known around town that Deputy Joey Smalls wasn’t the bravest soul to ever walk the land, but he had a big heart, and the Sheriff had known Joey’s dad since kindergarten, so he tried to cut him a little bit more slack than he might normally have afforded any other young deputy.

  “Well there Daniel Boone, I’m not sure how accurate this description actually is, but according to Nancy it’s almost four feet tall at the shoulders and anywhere between 185-195 pounds.”

  Joey just stared at his boss for a minute trying to wrap his mind around what he’d just heard. “You’re not shitting me; it could really be that big?”

  There was no humor in the Sheriff’s eyes this time when he smiled, “No matter how big it is son, we have a job to do, and if this wolf is wandering around our town in the light of day, then there is something seriously wrong with him. I know that confrontation isn’t your strong suit, I never liked it much either, but I need you on your toes for this one. Loopy animals are unpredictable, and this one is close to two hundred pounds with big teeth.”

  With that the Sheriff locked eyes with Joey, “I need to know right now if I can count on you Jo, cause if I can’t, you’re no good to me. So I’m going to ask, are you with me on this one?”

  It only took him a moment, but Deputy Joey Smalls slowly nodded his assent, “I’m with you sir,” he added, making sure that the Sheriff knew that he could trust him. 

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