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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chapter One, Part Three

This time the boy moved his head about a half an inch forward and then back again, the movement was so slow that it was almost imperceptible.
“Alright,” she said, “lets move, but remember, go slow and I’ll guide you.”
Bracing herself for the excruciatingly long backwards journey to the front porch of their house, she took in a deep breath, being careful not to make any sudden movements and waited for her son to take his first step. The whole time she was standing there she made sure that she maintained eye contact with the wolf, as she was doing so, she could have sworn that the beast’s gaze kept wandering back and forth between her and her son.

  Before her son could take his first step backwards towards the house, the wolf’s lips started to peel back away from his teeth in an upward arc towards the corners of its mouth forming a rictus of repulsion. As it did so, row after row of razor sharp, yellow stained, monstrous teeth were revealed. Though never daring to express it out loud, the woman thought to herself, “my God, this is it!”

  She was so afraid that this monstrous killing machine was ready to attack, that she decided to throw caution to the wind and just grab her son and make a run for the house. Not knowing in the least what was going on, all the air that the boy had been holding in his lungs whooshed out of him when his mother scooped him up in the only way it could, a high pitched, fear-filled scream.

  Throughout all the commotion, the wolf stayed exactly where he was, the gruesome rows of fangs that had been on display just moments before, disappeared behind his black rubbery lips. After giving the mother and her son the scare of their lives, he spared them one last golden eyed glance before he pointed his head back down Center Street and casually resumed his trek towards the Bettles, Alaska business district.

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